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LunaStar Ltd. Came to life some years back, when it's founder Daniel thought of making a car seat cover that will stay in place during a drive, will be easy to install and remove, be easy to clean, and will obviously protect the car's seats.

Since then, a lot has happened.

The company continues to develop new products under the LunaPet brand and is growing with a lot of attentions put into each step.

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Our goal at LunaStar Ltd. is to develop products which provide solutions to a variety of actual needs.

We believe in providing solutions of high quality with full transparency, and stand by each and every product we make.

This vision is the basis of our motto – INNOVATIVE IDEAS WITH PEACE OF MIND.

As part of standing by our products, we shall provide adequate answers and/or solutions as so requires.

Care and Support

Thanks to the values and morality which guide the owners of the company, we set our sights on the issue of donations.

It has there for been decided and so mentioned in the company’s protocols, that in each calendar year 5% of the company’s net profits will be donated to animal welfare organizations that will be examined and chosen by the company’s representatives.

Luna Pet is a product line developed by LunaStar Ltd. for pets and their owners.

The brand, being part of Luna Star, is obligated to and operates by the above mentioned standards.

All our products have an added value to them.

All our products are designed by us from scratch.

All our products are produced entirely for us according to our requirements, standards and under our strict QC.

We aim to bring to life products that have not yet been seen before, or improve the ones that exist.

We take pride in our products and try to provide the best service possible.

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